Anastasia Pamela Barksdale Prepares to serve in Albania as an OCMC Missionary

Monday, December 17, 2007

Contact: Alex Goodwin, Communications Director
Phone: (904) 829-5132
Address: Orthodox Christian Mission Center
P.O. Box 4319
St. Augustine, FL 32085-4319


Anastasia Pamela Barksdale Prepares to serve in Albania as an OCMC Missionary

It is with great pleasure that the Orthodox Christian Mission Center announces that Anastasia Pamela Barksdale has been accepted as a missionary to Albania with OCMC. At the fall of Communism in 1991, the Orthodox Church of Albania was in ruins. Through the holy prayers and labors of His Beatitude Archbishop Anastasios, and all the faithful who have joined with Him the Church is experiencing resurrection. Now there are 6 bishops and 140 priests serving the Orthodox faithful in 300 churches (2006). Following New Candidate Orientation at the Mission Center in St. Augustine, Florida, Anastasia Pamela will utilize her training and experience working with children as a facilitator, trainer, and resource person in the ministry of the National Children's Office. Because nearly a third of Albanians are under the age of 15, this ministry of the Orthodox Church of Albania is vital; it facilitates ministry in all of Albania and directly to the children in the city of Tirana.

Your prayer and financial support for Anastasia's ministry is welcomed. Anastasia Pamela is available to speak at meetings and conferences as she strengthens her Support Team for her first two-year term. To schedule a visit to your community and to learn more about the holy work taking place in Albania, please contact Anastasia Pamela directly at or (925)305-9569. Anastasia Pamela will need to raise an estimated $40,000 to serve in Albania for her first year. All contributions to her ministry should be made out to OCMC with "Barksdale" in the memo line and sent to: OCMC / P.O. Box 4319 / St. Augustine, FL 32085-4319.

Thank you for your consideration. Please keep Anastasia, all our OCMC missionaries, and the God fearing Faithful of Albania in your prayers

Anyone interested in learning more about Anastasia Pamela Barksdale's ministry or any of the OCMC missionaries serving abroad can contact OCMC at 1-877-GO-FORTH or send an inquiry to